Guide For Single Gentlemen.

“Swinging” as it is often referred, has been gaining popularity for years and so there are many many more couples and single on the scene.

Sadly there are some single guys that think woman are there for the taking and not giving couples and single females the respect and have been seen to give genuine single guys a bad name. There are also ones that have the idea of ‘I have paid my money I will get what I want’, this is not the case. If are going to a swingers club or something like our event the rules are the same. Respect and if someone says no then it means no. This is not just single guys but anyone who attends. there are a few guidelines that you can follow but the main thing is respect. This is applies to everyone going so not just single guys.

Thinking like that you will get you no where. This is not a meat market and you have to make the effort to engage with people. Unless you talk to people then very little will happen. 

This is the rule for everyone. Don't be pushy and if someone say's no then it means no.  

No. This is a ticket only event and we will be checking who you say you are. For the safety of everyone we will be making checks on everyone. 

Yes we will look at the ratio to couples and single fems to make sure there are not too many single guys.

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